Hindi Movie Songs

Learning Hindi Movie Songs become easy when you know the notes, which are used in your favourite song.



The teaching methodology gets you acquainted with the composition and its intricacies.



  • A song is first divided into mukhda and antara where every part is taken care of.


  • Thereafter finer nuances are taken into consideration while working on its various aspects.


  • MP3 clippings, to make the difficult part easy, may be given (if needed) to learn your favourite track with ease.


  • You also get regular feedback and checks to your submitted recordings.


  • Song notation is given to understand particularly the difficult parts.


In case, a song is based on a raga, that raga is taught to make the understanding of that particular song easy and hassle free. All this is done under the expert guidance of a competent teacher.

In the process, taal, involved in that particular song is also considered. This way, we learn our favourite songs with fun and joy.